MAIN SCENE RIG - What is it?

Here you have the powerful tool that you never seen to do previs and layout in or out of any pipeline in any Animation Studio.

What is Previs & Layout?

Previs and Layout is all about compositing, timing, cameras, framing, staging, etc... But, in an animation production, you could sum this up into something like this:

"Layout is about putting everything in the right place at the right time".

If you want to put everything in the right place, you are talking about "points in space".

If you want to put everything in the right place at the right time, you are talking about animating each "point in space".

This tool helps you to do this job more easily and saves time when you need to replace an asset, or if you need to make any changes in finding the right composition of your frame. Apart from many other things that we will see with practice.

"Main Scene Rig" - Download and Installation

If you want to know more about this tool, go to this post "Main Scene Rig"

To download it, click Main Scene Rig Download.

To install it, follow these steps:


1. Copy the “” file in this path:


xxxx -> your user name

2. Install the Layout_Custom Shelf (Layout_Custom Shelf - Download & Install)

3. Edit the button RIG_MA

    3.1 Click on the button RIG_MA with right mouse button:

    3.2 Click on “EDIT”

    3.3 Change the user name by your user name:

    3.4 Click on Shelves Tab (in the same window)

    3.5 Click on “Save All Shelves

Layout Shelf - What is it?

This is a custom shelf for layout. The shortcuts I use the most when I'm working on layout and previs, combined with Main Scene Rig and other external tools. I will explain each button in different posts. Here you can find a brief summary about the shelf.

Layout Shelf

01 - RE - Reference Editor
02 - CS - Camera Sequencer
03 - GE - Graph Editor
04 - MAT - Match all transforms
05 - MT - Match translation
06 - MR - Match rotation
07 - Loc - Create a locator
08 - Parent Constrain - Parent constrain without offsets
09 - ST - Studio Library (you need to install it before, instructions here)
10 - Bake - Bake animations into keys
11 - Impo - Import
12 - SSA - Save Scene As
13 - FixCAM - Put the Perspective camera to 16mm and fix the near and far clipping plane.
14 - RIG_MA - Import the Main Scene Rig to the current scene (you need to install it before, instructions here)

You can download and install it here: shelf_Layout_Custom

"Layout Shelf" - Download and Install

If you want to know more about this tool, go to this post "Layout Custom Shelf"

To download it, click Layout Custom Shelf Download.

To install it in your Maya (and OS Windows) follow this steps:

1. Copy the "shelf_layout_custom.mel" file into this path:
C:\Users\UUUU\Documents\maya/XXXX/prefs/shelves *
* Replace in the path:

UUUU: Your user name
XXXX: Year of your Maya version (2017, 2018, 2019, etc...)

2. The path should be like this: C:\Users\Christian\Documents\maya\2018\prefs\shelves

3. To know how to install the tools "Studio Library" and "Main Scene Rig".

Thanks for reading!